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  1. any possible way to get contact information on the private collector who purchased these artwork? I would like to know if thet are willng to sell. really serious.

    • Hi James-

      I will contact him and find out if I can forward his information to you. As he just acquired the piece I dont believe he has any interest but I certainly will pass it on. I do have artist proofs of this piece. They are only five of them and they are canvas on masonite and hand embellished.

  2. This portrait is stunning!! I love the burgundies, reds…and the beautiful detail and strength portrayed in this young woman. Do you have any similar work? I am very interested.

    • Hi Barbi-

      Thank-you for your comments. I have a few things similar. The website is currently being restructured so the gallery is not active. I can email you in a few days when they are up.

  3. Tim,
    I look forward to your email. We have a burgundy/red “Santa Fe / Native American” style room in our home and have been looking for just this type of female portrait with the wonderful color, fine detail and traditional dress. Again, this work is breath taking. She is exquisite!

  4. I was researching to find my native culture and the image resembles me almost identical. we could pass as sisters that\’s amazing beautiful work I am so an artist

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