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So why am I giving away prints for free?

Hello, I’m Tim, an artist based in North Platte, Nebraska, USA.

Today, only on this page, I’m offering one of my high quality, open-edition art prints for free.

I know giving away a free art print probably sounds a little wild. It kind of is! So why would I do it?

Let me explain...

There are two reasons this offer makes complete sense to me:


The prints in the cowboy, western, and wildlife genre are inspired by the rugged, untamed beauty of the American West. Each image captures the essence of the wild and the free, celebrating the spirit of the land and the animals that call it home. From majestic bison to graceful wild horses, these prints showcase the natural world in all its glory.

These prints are perfect for anyone who loves the untamed spirit of the West. Whether displayed in a home or office, they serve as a constant reminder of the beauty and power of the natural world. Each print tells a story of the American West and brings a piece of its magic and mystery into your life.

By giving away these prints, I strive to bring people closer to the outdoors and to recognize the beauty of the American West.

With every print I aim to ignite a spark in others to connect through shared experiences and find greater meaning in their relationships.


To be transparent, this benefits me too. I am kicking off my journey into being a full-time artist again by getting my art into the hands and on the walls of as many people as possible. I’ve been an  artist for most of my  adult life, sometimes part-time, sometimes full time. I am super excited to share these prints as a part of the journey from teaching to full  time artist.

And hey, if you love your free print, maybe you’ll share it with others, come back for a larger one, or even collect an original painting or commission for your home some day.

This ultimately supports me, my family, and my studio business.

Below this letter, you’ll see the first 3 pieces from my collection, “Mystical Moments,” which are available for FREE (just cover shipping and handling).

Numbers are limited, so act fast!

(I can only offer 1 per person)

If you don’t completely love your free print, just shoot me an email and I’ll fully refund your shipping and handling and you can keep the free print anyway (or gift it to someone else).

Sound good?

To claim your free print, scroll below, browse the prints, select your favorite, choose the size, fill out the order form, and receive your new piece of wall art.

– Tim

How it Works

  1. Select your favorite print from the Mystical Moments collection below.
  2. Upgrade to a larger size if you’d like
  3. Complete secure checkout for shipping
  4. Receive your print ready to pop into a frame and on your wall within 10 working days
  5. One print per person please

What You Get

  • Your choice of 3 different prints from my mixed media "Mystical Moments" collection. (Shown below)
  • Signed art print on highly quality matte card stock ready to frame
  • Exclusive discounts on future additions and collections
  • Love it or I pay for it guarantee! If you don’t love it, I will pay for it and you keep the print anyway
  • BONUS 1: Phone and desktop wallpaper backgrounds included!
  • BONUS 2: Private Facebook group for VIP collectors where I share updates and early access to latest releases.
  • BONUS 3: A list of my favorite western inspired mocktails to share with friends and family.

"Mystical Moments" Collection

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
― Pablo Picasso

Inner Strength

Arabian stallions are known for their beauty, power, and grace, which can evoke feelings of pride and inspiration. Their strength and speed can serve as a reminder of one's own inner power and the ability to overcome obstacles.

$25  FREE

plus shipping + handling 

High quality signed 8x10 art print
Arrives within 10 working days if ordered today
Returns accepted.

Cunning Playfulness

The fox is often associated with cunning, quick-thinking, and adaptability. This name choice focuses on the playful and mischievous side of the fox, as well as its reputation for being a cunning and strategic thinker.

$25  FREE

plus shipping + handling 

High quality signed 8x10 art print
Arrives within 10 working days if ordered today
Returns accepted.

Mystical Guardian

This name choice highlights the mystical and otherworldly qualities often associated with the Barred Owl, as well as its role as a guardian and protector of the forest.

$25  FREE

plus shipping + handling 

High quality signed 8x10 art print
Arrives within 10 working days if ordered today
Returns accepted.


Get the whole collection for the price of one! That’s over a 65% discount. Theses 3 pieces will be sure to make a statement in any room you hang them.

Mystical Moments Collection

$75  $25 

plus shipping + handling

High quality signed 8x10 art print
Arrives within 10 working days if ordered today
Returns accepted


Meet Tim ONeill, a talented artist who has been pursuing his passion for art since a young age. He is a professional artist who has a diverse background in business, entrepreneurship, education, and a Masters degree in modern art history. Tim's artistic style is heavily influenced by his childhood memories growing up in the great plains of Nebraska as well as contemporary abstract artists. He incorporates impressionistic elements into his work, with a love for grunge, partially hidden details, drips, texture, and splatter. Tim's preferred mediums include oil and cold wax, encaustic, dyes, and epoxy resin.

Tim has a strong commitment to growing and improving as an artist. He plans to continue to create art and art courses as well as his series-based fine art for an international collector base. Tim's personal philosophy is to continue "failing forward", experimentation is key in his creative process. Get ready to be inspired by Tim ONeill's Mystical Moments series, showcasing the beauty of the western plains of Nebraska and the Western United States.

Here's what our customers say about us

Real reviews from some of our customers

Jerry K, Portsmouth, VA.

"Tim's work is awesome! I've never seen images that grabbed me and spoke to me so much."

Mary W. Spokane, WA

"Thanks, Tim, for an awesome painting. I am enjoyed each minute of it.."

Christopher Y. Winter Park, FL

"Thanks...great print!!."

Bruce H. Kalispell, MT

"There is an 'essence' of the Great Plains that is captured in each piece that is priceless (though I hope you receive the prices you richly deserve). This level of craftsmanship and artistry deserves to be ranked by owners and families as heirlooms."

Lori C. Buffalo, NY

"Thanks for taking the time to put out something that evokes emotion and is also entertaining."

Beth T. Cheyenne, WY

"I can't thank you enough for enriching my life and expanding my collection of art. I love what you have produced."

Rick E., North Platte, NE

"Tim O’Neill is an artist of incomparable talent. He has the rare ability to feature in all his work, beauty, otherwise unobservable to most of us. "

Tim O'Neill Studios

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