Let me share 5 hacks that will help you overcome obstacles keeping you from the studio

Crush resistance with these methods

Like many people I have had to overcome serious challenges in life. Dyslexia, ADD, West Nile virus infection, Death of Loved ones, accident leaving a son a quadripedgic, another son with autism, the list goes on. Life can be difficult.

Check out this free guide called, "5 Days to Victory" where I outline five different things you can do to live the creative life that was intended for you.

You will be joining other kindred spirits in Tim ONeill's Studio T, sometimes-weekly communication where we check out all types of creatives, spend a lot of time talking about art techniques, investigate what holds us back in the studio and learn how to break free of that resistance. 

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Are lifes daily challenges and the grind keeping you from creating?

Below are four of the things you will discover you can do to help you overcome the resistance that is holding you back. This free guide will give you tips to:

Stop Procrastinating

A simple little life hack to stop procrastinating and get stuff done. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much more productive you will become.

Become More Disciplined

Play is super important and the reason most of us work so hard. How do you become more disciplined?  Try this simple hack and see if it works for you.

Stop Giving Up

Are you as bad about starting a big project and then giving up part way through it as I am?  A simple technique included will help you to finish many of your abandoned projects.

Find Motivation

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could flip a switch and you’d be fully motivated to do whatever you’re setting out to get accomplished? While there isn’t an easy button, there is a simple little strategy that works just as well.

What You'll Learn In This Free Guide

5 hacks that will help you to overcome the obstacles keeping you from the studio

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Join other kindred spirits in Tim O'Neill's Studio T, sometimes-weekly communication. Below are some things we talk about.

Discover all types of creatives.
Talk about and discover new and old art techniques.
Investigate what holds us back in the studio.
See how the Masters struggled just like us and unpack how they broke free.

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